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Log Home kitchen design:

We always look for new products at Big Twig Homes for your luxury Log Home or high-end Log Cabin. Here are some of the latest appliance options for your new cedar Log Home.

Kitchen appliances are always at the forefront of new designs. New appliance innovations can be a moving target for Katahdin Cedar Log Homeowners, but we highlight some of the most exciting trends we have spotted.

New Color Palettes
The reign of all stainless may be waning in newly designed log home kitchens. Manufacturers are playing with palettes that delight and inspire the log home design.

  • Farmhouse Luxury— Big Chill appliances, known for their retro designs, have developed a log  Farmhouse Luxury line of colors and styles to combine rustic and chic. Colors include Light Ivory, Yellow Grey, Wine Red, and Olive Green, creating an exceptionally coordinated kitchen.
  • Gray Tones— GE Appliance’s Slate Collection uses a dark brushed metal matte finish that is fingerprint resistant with stainless handles and accents.

Wall Ovens Evolve
With induction cooktops growing in popularity, wall ovens are necessary for your baking needs. Make sure the log home builder knows what you are planning during the log home design phase.

  • French Door Ovens— Inspired by professional ovens, these attractive ovens from GE Monogram are precision engineered to allow one-handed opening easily.
  • Steam & Convection Ovens — One of the challenges for using steam and convection effectively is deciding which technique will be optimal for the dish. Enter the Wolf Convection Steam wall oven, which offers sensors and controls that make incredible results, and guesswork free.

Glide Touch Controls
Taking a cue from Smartphone technology, induction stove tops offer glide touch controls that provide a better visual cue to heat control for induction surfaces. GE Monogram’s Induction Cooktop features a subtle grey surface with intelligent controls and burner delineation.

Kitchen islands have become a must-have for many Katahdin Cedar Log Home owners. The right lighting choices over these centralized kitchen areas can ensure that meal preparation, eating and other island activities are well-illuminated.

LEDs— A Must-have!
Select fixtures with LED light components for maximum lighting options and superb efficiency. Gone are the harsh spectrum LEDs; these lights can provide warm, cool, or anywhere in between to complement your kitchen décor. Check out the Vintage style LEDs from GE Lighting for savings and excellent style for log home décor. With their vintage shape, these highly efficient LED bulbs add dimmable, long-lasting charm to kitchen islands.

Fill the Space
As many Katahdin log home kitchens feature vaulted or extra lofty ceilings, ensure the fixture you select for your island doesn’t get lost in the expanded vertical space. Oversized baskets or industrial-style, like those from Steel Lighting Co., provide a balance of large island areas and complete illumination. Under more standard or beamed ceilings, ensure your island lighting is downsized to fit the space. Also, remember that sight lines into the adjacent great room or other living areas are not blocked by a fixture that hangs too low.

How Many Lights? Double what you think and use dimmers to control.
Like selecting the size of the fixtures, the quantity can also vary, depending on the length of your island and how your island will be used day to day. You’ll want to arrange the lights to focus on these areas if you have different workstations, like a marble bread kneading station or a prep sink. If your dishwasher, warming drawer, or drawer microwave are located on the island, lighting these areas for better visibility will also determine the number and placement of pendants or other lighting fixtures.  Limiting oversized fixtures to two or three makes sense, while smaller lights may be placed at appropriate spacing along the island.

Chandeliers — Yes, or No?
Chandeliers are single fixtures with multiple lights and are not limited to the last century’s classic crystal dining room styles. These can be abstract and in free form with multiple lights fixed to arms or rods that provide an overall cascade of light over the island in your luxury log home. They can be roughly oblong — better for more vast spaces or compact for smaller island surfaces. They are great for filling the spaces created by tall ceilings. Overall, it’s probably better to go slightly larger than you might think for a chandelier fixture to avoid the pitfalls of undersized lighting.

However, if you decide to light your kitchen island, you’ll have plenty of options! Make sure to go over the details with your log home builder.

Big Twig Homes is here to help you through the design options for your new luxury log home. One last item to remember when lighting a log home or log cabin. Double what you think you need for lighting and add dimmers. Log homes do not reflect light like a traditional home with white ceilings will do.

Big Twig Homes offers luxury log home packages, log home materials packages, and log cabin kits. Big Twig Homes is a Premiere Log Home Dealer for Katahdin Cedar Log Homes. Were serve all of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Ohio.

Contact Big Twig Homes today to discover all your options with our Luxury log homes.

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