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It’s easy to expand living spaces outdoors with decks, terraces, fire pits, gazebos as well as inviting landscaping and hardscaping. So many times, our new log cabin home clients are so focused on getting just the right design inside their home, they forget about the benefits of outdoor expand outdoor living spaces with roomy decks for entertainingliving spaces. We’ve developed a quick checklist to of options that will expand the living areas outside your new Fletcher NC home!

  1. Hit the Deck! Decks are a common addition to log homes. Decks are typically not covered but may feature both shady and sunny areas. Not only do they add visual appeal to your home’s exterior, they provide extra space for relaxation for family and guests. Make sure you design your deck with easy access from the yard. Plan your house access with a French door or sliders that connect with the main living area. If you’re adding a deck area off the master, you may want to separate this area from your home’s main deck for privacy.
  2. Rocking Porches— Broad, farmer-style porches offer a welcoming area that can also be a relaxing place to unwind under the cover of the roof overhang. Make sure your porch has enough room for chairs and allow easy movement across its expanse. If your porch is too narrow, it’ll likely end up an expensive and wasted space. Test for the right width by taking your favorite outdoor chair or rocker and have a seat! Then measure a width that allows you to be seated and stand up comfortably. Depending on the chair, most people opt for porches wider than 4 feet.
  3. Outdoor Kitchen— If your family celebrations are centered on the barbeque, consider adding an outdoor kitchen area off your main dining or kitchen. Outdoor kitchens can be as fancy or as simple as you need—we can even rough in some electrical and plumbing until you decide to upgrade to a more “equipped” outdoor space. If your plans include a substantial outdoor kitchen, you may wish to include that design with your house plans so that it’s wired and plumbed appropriately.
  4. Fire Extends Outdoor Enjoyment—Whether you plan on a simple fire pit or a custom masonry fireplace, a cozy fire can take the chill off expand outdoor living spaces with decks and hardscapingwhen it’s cooler outside and provide a nice conversational focal point for entertaining. Adding some attractive hardscaping around a fire pit area can really add ambiance and value to your exterior spaces.
  5. Enjoy Pest-Free Outdoor Activities — We’ve found great added value to keeping some portion of a deck or porch area screened off to keep mosquitoes and other unpleasant bugs away from family members and guests. There’s nothing like a quiet summer evening outside in North Carolina without the hassle of swatting flies or worrying about mosquito bites. Make a screened porch a true all-season addition by adding glass windows that can be swapped out for screens on your finished porch area. Winter sun will help to heat this glassed in porch and offer a great location for wintering plants and adding some passive solar heat to your home.

If you’re planning your new Asheville NC Katahdin Cedar Log Home, ask the log cabin builders at Big Twig Homes about the outdoor space options that make the most sense with your home design and land. A little advance planning to extend outside can make a new home look and feel much bigger!

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