Our Process

There are some people who may balk at the idea of having a cedar log home built because they are afraid it will be too complicated or overwhelming.

Here at Big Twig Homes, we definitely disagree with that notion. We know that building a log home is simple, easy and rewarding as well. At Big Twig Homes, we know what it takes to build your dream home without everything being complicated or confusing. We combine our knowledge, training and experience to build homes in a straightforward manner so that you can enjoy the process of watching your dream home come together.

We are here to help you with all parts of the home building process. We know how to make the process of building premium log homes streamlined so that everything can be kept simple. We use a seven step process to create your cedar log home. Here are the seven steps.

In order to build your perfect dream home, you will need to spend some time thinking about your lifestyle and your current home. Take a look at the home you currently have. What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it? Use a notebook to keep up with all of the things that you want in a cedar log home. Consider what you want the home for, too. Whether you are building a primary home, a second home or a vacation rental, all of this information will help with creating the right plan.

In order to build your new home, you will have to locate and purchase the right piece of land. Keep in mind that the style of your new home will need to complement the land that you choose. In order to make sure your home and your land work together perfectly, we will need to evaluate the space. This way, we can plan and orient your home to make maximum use of views, sun exposure and natural beauty. Additionally, once you have chosen your land, we will be able to determine zoning details that could have an effect on the home you want to build.

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Here at Big Twig Homes, we will help you do all of the planning needed. We have numerous options for home plans, including a choice of an existing plan, a choice to modify an existing plan or a choice to create a whole new plan. We will help you choose the right option for your own preferences and we will make sure you are able to choose an option that will fit well in your budget. It is important that as many of the details as possible are chosen during this planning so that we will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate for your home.

Once your home plans are put together, we will give you a chance to look at them and put your final approval on them. We do not leave out any detail and you will get a real idea of exactly what features your home will include.

An energy efficient home and one that is built in an environmentally friendly manner can save you a great deal of money. Here at Big Twig Homes, we offer many environmentally friendly options, including sustainable White Cedar logs and zero waste manufacturing.

Once the plans have been finalized, we will start building your home. Your cedar home will soon be built and ready for you to move in.

As you can see, building your cedar home is actually quite simple and straightforward. Are you ready to get started? Contact us today!

We were fortunate to find Aaron Dunn (Big Twig Homes) as the primary contractor to coordinate the construction. [...] This decision would become the backbone of the successful construction of our home. Not only was the construction timely but the contractors selected were of the highest quality. [...] All of the finish work performed by the carpenters in the interior of the house was nothing less than cabinetmakers quality. All of the joints and fits on the interior walls with no exaggeration were precision fits showing the attention to detail and high standard that they invested into their entire project."