Arborwall Cedar Log Homes

Introducing Arborwall Cedar Log Homes, a new custom-built option that moves the traditional log constructed home into the realm of modern design. Featuring clean lines, open interiors and fresh exteriors, Arborwall mixes centuries-old construction techniques with modern, precision manufacturing and a sustainable, energy efficient mindset.

If you’re looking for a log home that is more rustic, and more traditional in design, we offer an incredible line of homes from Katahdin Cedar Log Homes. Check out our gallery here.

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Why Arborwall Cedar Log Homes?

Because sometimes rustic doesn’t fit in. Several of our Katahdin customers truly wanted the benefits of a log home’s solid craftsmanship. However, they were not building in an area where a traditional log home was allowed. Some homeowners’ neighborhood associations needed a more contemporary approach to blend into suburban settings. Our long-standing relationship with Arborwall’s sister company, Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, made our participation an easy choice!

Flexibility Inside & Out

Using the milling and construction techniques honed by sister company Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, Arborwall is able to combine whole log construction and stability with high-efficiency insulation and a myriad of options for finishing the interior walls. This ability to use Northern White Cedar’s natural low-moisture qualities provides a finished home that is technologically and esthetically more complete than a log-sided, traditionally-framed home.

Superior Energy Efficiency

Arborwall Cedar Log Homes go beyond the minimum when it comes to standards for energy efficiency. Our designs meet —and often exceed efficiency standards—to save energy dollars over the life of your new home. Starting with the high, natural R-value of cedar, we add insulation to the interior of the log wall to meet efficiency specifications for a cozy, comfortable home. If desired, Arborwall can even meet demanding LEED residential building standards.

High Quality

Arborwall's sister company, Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, has been providing top quality houses for decades. If you wish to learn more about home designs and the options that you could choose, be sure to contact us today. We will be more than happy to help you find your dream home.

What’s So Special About Cedar?

Our northern white cedar protects your log home’s interior against heat and cold better than any other type of commonly used wood. Many other local Asheville NC builders use pine logs. Traditional pine logs have 2.5 times more water content than cedar logs. The large amount of moisture in pine can lead to a number of problems like cracking, splitting, shrinkage, setting, air seepage and rot after your home is built. Cedar’s low moisture content and superior stability avoids all these problems and allows for added insulation.

We LOVE our new house at the lake! People that visit are amazed by how beautiful it turned out! We appreciate all your help and expertise!"

Frank and Deb
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The exterior of the Rosenthal home from Big Twig Homes.