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Meet Arborwall Solid Cedar Homes

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Where Modern Meets Cedar Log Construction

The development of Arborwall Solid Cedar Homes is one of the reasons we love working with the folks at Katahdin. They took their four decades of experience with log home design and energy efficiency technology to recraft into a new cottage style Arborwall home. It’s a step well outside the box of traditional rustic log homes. For those who love the soaring purlin-style ceilings and performance of a log home Arborwall adapts log constructed design to fit a more contemporary aesthetic, creating a home that fits in any location and neighborhood.

Tried and True Log Techniques
Using the milling and construction techniques honed by Katahdin, Arborwall combines whole log construction and stability with high-efficiency insulation and a myriad of options for finishing the interior walls. This ability to use Northern White Cedar’s natural low-moisture qualities provides a finished home that is technologically Arborwall Solid Cedar Homes offer modern farmhouse styling for any settingand visually more complete than a traditionally-framed home. The bones of an Arborwall are constructed as a traditional whole log wall design. The genius is the exterior log profile— instead of a rounded appearance, the exterior log is shaped to look like cedar clapboard.

Arborwall Fits in any Neighborhood
Some of our customers were looking for the benefits of a log home’s solid craftsmanship, but they were not building in an area where a traditional log home was allowed. Some homeowners’ neighborhoods needed a more contemporary approach to blend into suburban settings. With its contemporary cottage appeal inside and out, Arborwall is the best of both worlds!Arborwall Solid Cedar Homes have clapboard-style exteriors and broad porch spaces

Spot On Style
If you’re a fan of cable television building shows, you know what farmhouse chic looks like: and Arborwall achieves that look easily. Once the exterior log walls are finished, and the interior is plumbed, insulated and wired, the interior wall finish can range from cedar tongue-and-groove boards, sheetrock, stone or tile— the possibilities are endless! We love the clean look of the cedar tongue-and-groove that mimics the “shiplap” walls made so popular on television.

Arborwall Solid Cedar Homes contemproary good looks that fit any settingAre You Ready to Explore Arborwall?
Meredith and I are especially excited about the combination of solid, efficient craftsmanship and endless design options that Arborwall opens up. You can see some of the designs already available here as a starting point. Whatever your unique concepts are, we can help you work with our Arborwall design team to develop a home that really special for you.

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