Over the years, Big Twig Homes has planned, budgeted, and constructed a broad spectrum of home styles. Our experience in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee, brings a commonsense approach to building a new custom home for your family. Even though each of these home types appears different in style and construction, our underlying meticulous approach to all our customers’ projects is the common thread.

No matter what type of home you have in mind, our broad experience can help you understand the benefits and potential downsides of various home construction techniques. If you’re looking for new ideas, visit our blog for useful tips and trends. We provide straight answers based on years of experience, and we love to talk about building homes!

These are the home types the make up our portfolio:

Even if you’re just in the early planning stages, we think you’ll find our approach to homes refreshing and insightful! Contact us today for a no-pressure conversation and a free estimate at 833-BIG-TWIG! (833 244-8944)