Over the years, Big Twig Homes has planned, budgeted, and constructed a broad spectrum of home styles. Our experience in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and beyond brings a commonsense approach to building a new custom home for your family. Even though each home type appears different in style and construction, our underlying meticulous approach to all our customers’ projects is the common thread.

No matter what type of home you have in mind, our broad experience can help you understand the benefits and potential downsides of various home construction techniques. If you want new ideas, visit our blog for tips and trends. We provide straight answers based on years of experience, and we love to talk about building homes!

These are the home types the make up our portfolio:

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Here is a little more detail about Big Twig Homes.

    • Big Twig Homes was started in 2004 by Aaron Dunn and Meredith Dunn. Aaron has over 30 years of experience in building. Aaron was inspired by his older brother and brother-in-law, who built a log home for a customer and allowed him to work on the log home at 15 years of age. Aaron became passionate about log homes and started his own business many years later.
    • In 2004, Big Twig Homes became a Katahdin Cedar Log Homes dealer based in Maine, where one of the most extensive stands of Northern White Cedar in North America is located. Katahdin Cedar Log Homes was a leader in the log home industry, producing high-quality cedar log homes, log cabins, and log kits. Big Twig Homes provided energy-efficient and environmentally friendly building methods like geothermal heating, cooling, and solar power. We have hundreds of floor plans to choose from, or we can help customers create their custom designs. Big Twig Homes was proud to partner with Katahdin Cedar Log Homes and offer their products and services to their customers.
    • In 2005, Big Twig Homes added SIP panel homes and commercial buildings to their product line from EPS Building Systems. This company specializes in energy-efficient homes that use structural insulated panels for walls and roofs. SIP panel homes are faster to build, stronger, and more environmentally friendly than conventional homes. They can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 60%. SIPs also allow for more design flexibility. SIP panel homes are also suitable for commercial and multifamily projects, such as office buildings, apartment buildings, and equestrian centers. Big Twig Homes is excited to offer SIP panel homes and buildings to customers who want a more modern and sustainable option.
    • In 2018, Big Twig Homes moved to Hendersonville, North Carolina, a beautiful city in the Blue Ridge Mountains. They expanded their product line to include hybrid log homes, which combine the best features of cedar log homes and stick-built homes. Hybrid log homes have a cedar log exterior and a conventional interior, which allows for more flexibility and customization. Hybrid log homes are also more affordable than full log homes, as they use less wood and labor.
    • In 2021 and beyond, Big Twig Homes continues to sell high-quality cedar log homes and log cabins, hybrid log homes, SIP panel homes, sip homes, and buildings. We strive for the best materials for every customer. Big Twig Homes is proud to offer some of the finest log homes.

    Now that you want to build a cedar log home, a hybrid log home, or a SIP panel home. You should contact Big Twig Homes to make your dreams a reality. You can call us at (833) 244-8944 or email us at info@bigtwighomes.com. To learn more about their products and services, click to learn more.

    Big Twig Homes is the ultimate choice for log homes and sip buildings. Don’t miss this opportunity to build your dream home or project with Big Twig Homes!