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Big Twig Homes offers high-quality custom log homes in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and the Southeastern United States.

We strive to give customers a log home they can be proud of and enjoy for generations.

Big Twig Homes is located in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

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We use a hands-on approach with our customers. We believe personal service and excellent communication are the keys to a successful log home, sip panel home, or structural insulated panel building project. We work through each stage to give you the log home you deserve. Contact Big Twig Homes Today.m/bigtwighomes/  https://bigtwighomes.com/home-types/arborwall-cedar-log-homes/

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Cedar Log Homes and Log Cabins

Whether you need a high-end custom dream log home, your forever log home, or a modest energy-efficient log cabin, we have the expertise to get it build right. Big Twig Homes is proud to be a log home industry leader for many years running.

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High Efficiency

SIP Homes

Do you think that a log home is just not the right choice for you? Don't worry! We're are also experts at building high-efficiency structural insulated panel homes (often called SIP panel homes). SIPs are often a preferable choice over traditional stick-built homes for many reasons. SIPs are extremely energy efficient, so you'll save big on heating and cooling your home. SIPs are also more durable, resilient, and more robust than standard stick-built homes. Get in touch if you're interested in what SIPs and Big Twig Homes can do for you. We're happy to support you in making the best choice for your needs. Did you know that Big Twig Homes also offers commercial sip panel buildings? We offer Structural insulated panels Buildings (SIP) buildings for commercial use. SIP panel apartment buildings, SIP office buildings, SIP industrial buildings, and SIP Meat processing plants.
If you are building and want to be environmentally concise contact Big Twig Homes to learn more.

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Stick Built Homes

Whether you need a high-end custom dream log home, your forever log home, or a modest energy efficient log cabin, we have the expertise to build the log home right! Big Twig Homes is glad to be a part of Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, and Moosehead Cedar Log Home the leaders in the cedar log home industry for many years. Katahdin Cedar Log Homes and Moosehead Cedar log homes both produces log home packages and log cabin kits. Big Twig Homes offers High Quality Custom Log Home Packages and Log Home Kits.

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