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Log homes and dogs just go together. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, four out of every ten American households are dog owners, and we’d be willing to bet that log homeowners are a big part of that statistic! If you have canine companions, consider adding these amenities for your dogs care while you’re designing your Katahdin Cedar Log Home with Big Twig Homes:

1. Dog Washing Station

dog washing station in a Katahdin Cedar Log Home kit

The dog wash station in a Katahdin Cedar Log Home

Skip the garden hose and install a convenient dog washing station in your mudroom or laundry room. Add some extra plumbing lines, an elevated shower platform, a spray shower head, and you’re all set to keep Fido groomed with ease. We build log homes in NC, SC, GA, and TN, where climates are typically mild, making them great places for an outdoor washing station. (Humans can use these washing stations, too, when everyone returns from messy outdoor adventures.

2. Built-in Gate

We can have your builder craft a wooden gate that allows for visibility and provides for a sturdy barrier for your pup, alleviating anxiety issues and keeping your fur baby safely confined while you’re away or simply need them out from underfoot. We can create a hinged gate so it can be folded back or make it a “pocket” gate so it can slide into a wall when not in use.

dog feeding station in a Katahdin Cedar Log Home package

Built-in Dog feeding area in a Katahdin Cedar Log Home

3. Feeding Station

Set up a feeding station at the end of a kitchen island or in the mudroom, complete with a tilt-out bin that will hold a 30-pound bag of kibble. Add a water spigot at the level of your dog’s water dish, and make dinnertime super organized and convenient!

4. Toy & Leash Storage

What dog owner doesn’t love spoiling their fur baby with toys? Keep them all off the floors and out of sight when not in use with a built-in cabinet in the mudroom. Install hooks and shelves nearby for leads, leashes, collars, clothing, lifejackets, and other doggie accessories.

Or consider a built-in feeding station/storage combo — an entire cabinet and shelving unit that houses a dog food bin with shelves and cabinets above for toy and accessory storage, and hooks on the side that you can easily grab a leash from on your way out the door to your next hike.

5. Outside Options

Depending on the type and size of your property, you have several options for creating a safe outdoor space for your pup to enjoy.

Fence in a large area in your backyard, or install an invisible fence. If your home is on wildland, consider a sturdy wire and cedar post enclosure in the woods to allow for active rambles and cool retreats. Another option includes attaching a small run to the side or back of a garage to give safe indoor-outdoor access. Some more technical-minded dog owners are opting for virtual fences, powered by collar transmitters, GPS, and Wi-Fi signals. You can even build outdoor tunnels (also loved by human children), for your pup to run through and hide out in.

To help Rover cool down during the dog days of summer, install a small pond, complete with a waterfall for the humans to admire. Or add some cover in a corner of your yard with attractive overhead tarps or a super-cool doghouse. Learn more

Whatever unique dog-friendly additions you include, your Katahdin Cedar Log Home will be a dog-friendly refuge for years to come!   Contact Big Twig Homes today to learn more. Free estimates

Aaron Dunn

Author Aaron Dunn

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