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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep across our nation, studies are showing that people who live in larger cities are considering moving to smaller towns. A recent Harris poll found that 3 in 10 Americans say the pandemic makes them want to live in a rural area, and 1 in 4 city dwellers want to leave the city because of the pandemic. Redfin Real Estate reports that since mid-March, searches for homes in towns with a population under 50,000 increased by 71%. Here are some of the reasons Americans want to make a move:

Lower sickness levels. The outbreak of COVID has been far greater in the close confines of cities like New York and Miami, while towns with populations that are more spread out are seeing lower levels of infection.

Room to breathe. Smaller towns offer plenty of space for families to take their children outdoors to play while still allowing them to keep a safe distance from others. In densely populated cities, children have sometimes been unable to get outside for fresh air and play for weeks at a time.

Ease of getting basic necessities. The high demand for food, medication, and other necessary items has left people in large cities waiting for days or weeks to get what they need. While smaller towns have experienced running low on supplies from time to time, there generally hasn’t been a shortage crisis.

Affordable housing. Redfin notes that some city dwellers were already considering making the shift to smaller suburbs and towns, where the cost of living is more affordable. The pandemic has begun to accelerate that shift.

Working remotely can be an opportunity to live anywhere. COVID-19 may have permanently changed the way we work. Many companies have realized they can save money by allowing employees to work from home either regularly or forever. That can open up the option for workers to move to smaller town, where they can save money and are still able to keep their job.

Lifestyle amenities. City dwellers often cite the endless options of restaurants, cultural experiences, and other activities as what drew them to live there. COVID-19 has rendered many of these amenities suddenly unavailable. But smaller towns often have the same quality experiences with better options for keeping socially distanced.

The pandemic has caused many of us to consider what we really value in life. More people are discovering they’d rather spend quality time with their family and friends over a night at the theater or watching a sunset instead of the latest blockbuster. If you’re thinking about making the move from a big city to a small town, contact us today. We can build a dream log or timber home for your family in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia or Tennessee, where you’ll find plenty of wide, open spaces!

Aaron Dunn

Author Aaron Dunn

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