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What makes our carefully crafted homes stand out? It’s the careful selection and use of the highest quality Northern White Cedar.

Since 1973, we’ve made it our mission to provide log homes of superior quality that not only display grand elegance in almost all settings, but also provide a superior level of energy efficiency when compared to traditional building materials.

Water content, durability, thermal rating, thermal mass factor, sustainability, price. What do all those things mean when you roll them up together? It means that a Arborwall Solid Cedar Home is extremely friendly to own because of the money that stays in your pocket versus going towards your HVAC system.

When you look at the awesome insulating properties of Northern White Cedar, you’ll find that it has the highest R-value of any wood species used in log-home building. Put simply, cedar retains more heat in the winter, and stays cooler in the summer than pine or other logs.

And it gets even better. With our the addition of our R-23 Energy Envolope, your Arborwall Solid Cedar Home can can achieve an exterior log wall R-value that is a whopping 156% higher than the default!


Aaron Dunn

Author Aaron Dunn

Big Twig Homes has been in the Log Home and SIP Panel business for over 30 years. We specialize in Cedar Log Homes and Structural Insulated Panel Homes and Buildings. Big Twig Homes Services all of The Southeastern United States, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee with Log Home packages and Log Home Kits. We also Provide SIP Panel kits for Sip Homes and Sip buildings.

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