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As dealers for Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, we take pride in providing a complete log home package. Katahdin’s complete log home package includes everything to complete your Hendersonville, NC log home— from log walls, roof system, subfloors, porches, and most interior framing— we’ll cover the details below. While it’s tempting to consider a lower-priced, scaled-back package at Big Twig Homes, we’ve found the complete log home package is really the most economical choice for a host of reasons!complete package from Katahdin Cedar Log Homes

All the Pieces
We’ve all been there with the assemble-at-home bookshelf: some key part didn’t make it into the carton, and now you’re stuck! With log home packages, it’s tempting to buy into an inexpensive log-only package, thinking you’ll be able to source building materials at your local box store. But in the final analysis, once you spend time identifying what’s needed, sourcing it, getting it delivered, and so on—well, you get the picture! Why take the hard route when Katahdin makes it so easy? Plus, the company’s buying power often enables us to take advantage of cost-saving pricing for things like dimensional lumber and plywood.

Katahdin complete package barcodes each log






What Makes it Complete?
Log homes are a specialized type of construction, so even if you’ve built a traditional style home, it’s important to understand how a log home package comes together. Katahdin starts with their superior Northern White Cedar logs, air-dried and kiln finished to the optimal dryness. Each log in your log home design is individually cut, drilled, and shaped using our computerized house line. Then, each log is also stamped with a bar code that corresponds to its unique location in the log home’s design. Pre-cutting and drilling alone saves hundreds of hours on onsite work on your dream summerhouse log home in Black Mountain, NC. Other components of a Katahdin log home in the complete package include:

  • The roof system of log purlins with insulation, trusses, roof framing sheathing strapping, synthetic underlayment, color mated drip edge, and architectural shingles.
  • Gable materials, including full log side walls and log siding
  • Partition framing
  • Floor systems: framing and subfloor
  • Interior doors and hardware, interior tongue and grove, trim, baseboard, stairs, railings, balusters
  • Windows and Patio Doors — Andersen 400 Series
  • Basement and loft stairs
  • Porch, framing, roof system, decking, and railings
  • Deck, framing and decking, railings
    Complete package includes window bucks

    pre-cut window bucks

  • Interior and Exterior trim

Some Unique Components
Katahdin also takes great pride in providing elements that can improve your Lake Lure NC log homer home’s comfort and save energy dollars. Essential to that is a combination of meticulous air sealing, custom pre-cut window and door bucks, and the Energy Envelope System insulation package application. This allows us to meet and exceed efficiency requirements in North Carolina and South Carolina while still using whole log construction and lasting cedar finishes inside and out. Some companies rely on on-site cutting for essential components like window and door bucks, which can lead to less than an ideal window and door installation.

Organized Assembly
We love the way Katahdin’s complete log home package arrives on-site: shrink-wrapped with identifying inventories on each pallet, itemizing what’s inside. We can unpack as we move through the build, leaving the logs under protective cover as long as necessary. We don’t waste time hunting for pieces— they’re all right there in order!

Ready to start planning for your Katahdin Cedar Log Home? Give Big Twig Homes a call at 1-833-BIG-TWIG (833-244-8944), and we’ll be glad to start the conversation! Contact US Free Estimate

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