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You can achieve the classic architecture of a traditional log home while staying “green” and being a good steward to the environment by using the sustainable resource of Northern White Cedar. Cedar’s natural insect resistant properties also end the need for expensive insecticide treatments that can be harmful to pets and ground soil.

And due to cedar’s inherent resistance to rot, there is no need to invest in pressure-treated lumber or after-market chemical treatments that often have to be applied. AND… you don’t have to compromise the beauty of the natural wood with unsightly metal bannisters and other material.

Here’s another fact: Cedar has superior insulating properties in comparison to traditional building materials such as southern yellow pine. Because of the on-center building systems in traditional stick–built homes, the cost of insulation can be enormous. With a cedar-built log home, the mass of the log holds in heat in the winter and stays cooler during the steamy days of summer.

Another benefit to building a beautiful log home is cedar’s ability to be adapted to accommodate different energy systems such as solar or wind power, giving the homeowner the freedom you would expect from log home ownership.

So it’s easy to see why Katahdin Log Homes are not only an attractive option, but also are an environmentally responsible purchase. With a range of benefits that make it a breeze to own one of our beautiful homes, we think you’ll love a Katahdin Log Home.

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