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The log home manufacturer you select for your dream log home in Western North Carolina can be a daunting task— especially if you’ve never considered new home construction. It’s an exciting time, but also confusing! Log home kit makers offer different levels of log cabin home packages, different terms and even different species of logs! No wonder some folks feel overwhelmed.

We’ve collected five important questions you can use to map your log home manufacturer journey and ensure you understand exactly what you’re purchasing in Asheville & Hendersonville NC. A log home is often one of the biggest investments most families will make, so it’s important to get the right relationship.

  1. What Log Species are Available in Your Packages? Many species of trees are used for log home kit construction, but by far the two most popular are pine and cedar. While both can construct a good log home, we prefer the benefits of Northern White Cedar milled by Katahdin Cedar Log Homes. It’s the most sustainable wood used in log homes, and has a host of natural benefits:
  • High insulation value per inch
  • Natural oils that protect against insects and mold
  • Low moisture levels to dramatically minimize settling and shrinkage
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Katahdin Cedar Log Homes- Produces cedar log home packages and log home kits

Katahdin can offer competitive prices for cedar because they are the largest processor of cedar in North America. Other companies may offer it — but at a significant upcharge because they’ll need to source it from a third party. For more information about the benefits of cedar, click here.

  1. What is the Log Home Company’s Financial Health? In the early 2000s, many log home companies were highly leveraged and as a result, they left some folks in the lurch when the housing market turned south in 2008. It’s essential to ask what your log home manufacturer’s debt to net worth and total debt to total asset ratios are, and just how positive their current cash flow is relative to their long-term debt. Ask to speak to the company’s banker or financial institution to learn more about the financial soundness of the company you’re selecting. One of the reasons we’ve chosen to work with Katahdin Cedar Log Homes is their strong financial health. We can connect you to Katahdin’s bank representative to provide current financial information on the company.
  2. What’s Included in the Package? It’s tempting to flip to the back page of any log home package proposal to check on the final price. But it’s very important that you understand exactly what’s included in the package. There are many elements that come together in constructing a log home, and some low-cost, bare-bones packages can leave your contractor scrambling to source materials you’ll need for your log home. If a price seems amazingly low, asking some detailed questions about the contents will often save headaches later on. A Katahdin Challenge will price and compare similar plans and prices with up to two other companies to provide a detailed analysis of what is included and what is not. Our experience is that Katahdin provides a truly complete log cabin package.
  3.  Can You Provide References? This question applies to the log home dealer or representative, the log home manufacturer, and the builder. The best gauge of a successful
    log home manufacturer Katahdin Cedar Log Home kits and Big Twig Homes Dealer for Katahdin Cedar Log Homes

    Working with the log home manufacture should be fun and easy. Big Twig Homes and Katahdin Cedar Log Homes will take you from start to finish and make sure you have the Log Home you have been dreaming of.

    a business relationship is recent and similar log home projects. Once you have the references in hand, follow up! Ask these former customers whether schedules were met, whether they are happy with their log cabin, what they might have done differently and how easy was the company/dealer/builder to work with?

  4. Who is My Point Person? And, more importantly, can I work closely with this person over an extended time frame? One customer once told us building a home is like being married for a year or so. If you like and respect your dealer, it will make the challenges easier to work through. Also, and just as importantly, consider: Does this person respect my time? Are they punctual? Do they communicate clearly? Do they answer my questions completely? What is their plan for communicating throughout the construction process?

The Western North Carolina log home professionals at Big Twig Homes have the expertise and experience to help you build the beautiful, efficient  Katahdin Cedar Log Home of your dreams!

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