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 Modular Options

Introducing Habitaflex [hôm] and Goscobec construction in Maine!

Your next dream home may be our premium modular options. These home can be setup on piers, slab or full foundations in as few as 5 days.

Habitaflex – HOM


  • Habitaflex [hôm]. It’s everything you could wish for.
  • The cottage life. Simple, functional, affordable. 100% factory-built. With lots of cost-saving advantages.
  • No constuction required on-site. No need for costly foundations.
  • One module. One only transportation cost. Quick to install.
  • Quick and ready-to-connect to services. Quick for you to move-in.

Habitaflex [hôm], the new, affordable and easy way to enjoy the cottage life.

Goscobec Modular Homes


  • Benefit from complete and professional support at every step of your project
  • Rest easy! We guarantee the prices and delivery times in your contract
  • Leverage the expertise of our experienced team
  • Take advantage of the flexibility of our solutions
  • Respect the environment in your surroundings by choosing our durable, energy-efficient home options with our EcoLogis™ program.

It’s easy to find the right solution with us!

Let us help you decide if a Habitaflex [hôm] or Goscobec modular home would be a good fit for you.

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