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Habitaflex [hôm] Tiny Homes are Fast, Affordable & Fun!

August 30th, 2017

If you’re considering a tiny home, Big Twig Homes is now offering Habitaflex [hôm] cottages in New England. Measuring in at 955 square feet, [hôm] was designed from the ground up to be simple, affordable and 100% constructed in controlled factory settings. We love these cottages because they are designed to include everything you need! Plus, the clean contemporary design is easy to decorate and make your own.

[hôm] is a very economical solution that goes up fast. Big Twig Homes can assemble these tiny homes with just three men, five days and you’re home—at [hôm]! The structure is designed to include everything you’ll need to move right in:

  • Complete Kitchen— cabinets, sink, tap and hood
  • Complete Bathroom— Shower, vanity, sink and toilet
  • One or Two Bedroom Configurations
  • Efficient Electric Baseboard Heat
  • Hot Water Tank
  • HRV Air Exchanger
  • Loft can accommodate two beds (235 sq. ft.) or study/office
  • Washer-Dryer set-up
  • Closet space
  • Flooring
  • Stairs to loft
  • 200–amp circuit panel

Constructed in Canada for Year-round Comfort
[hôm] cottages are constructed to serve as four-season homes— and are insulated to meet tough U.S. standards for efficiency. The building envelope is insulated to meet your state requirements. [hôm] is completed with a steeply pitched metal roof for durability and to handle snow loads efficiently. The cottage components are designed to be tightly sealed together during the assembly process to avoid air leaks. Each cottage is equipped with Energy Star® rated windows and doors for extra energy savings. Owners can opt for more efficient triple pane windows for an added charge.

Keeping Costs Down
According to Habitaflex’s Sylvie Raymond, the [hôm] development team had to make some conscious choices to keep their sale price competitive. As such, the customization is limited to one- or two bedroom configurations and four color combinations. However, homeowners can customize the exterior of their [hôm] with added porches or decking to extend the cottage’s outdoor living space.

Quality Controls & U.S. Testing
With a defined plan to market [hôm] in the US, the Habitaflex designers had their building prototypes tested and inspected in a testing facility by QAI Laboratories in Los Angeles, Calif. In the manufacturing facility located just south of Quebec City, each component is tested and calibrated for accurate reproduction. Prior to packaging for shipment each component, plumbing and electrical systems are inspected by a third-party inspector. Habitaflex has been designing and manufacturing modern housing options for 15 years in their high-tech manufacturing facility.

Advance Preparations for Construction
The [hôm] cottage is designed for flexibility on-site when preparing a foundation— it can be set on pilings, posts, a crawlspace or full basement. This offers more options when siting the cottage on lakeside property or in remote locations. Once the preferred foundation or base is complete, the [hôm] truck will deliver the components, where they will be offloaded with lifting equipment. Then the three-man crew at Big Twig Homes gets started positioning the components and assembling and sealing the floors, walls and roof of the cottage. Once assembled, licensed tradesmen will be on hand to connect and test the plumbing and electrical systems. All that’s needed are your appliances, furniture and accessories to make it your own. No painting, no finish work and best of all, no waiting!

To learn more about Habitaflex and their [hôm] tiny home, just give us a call at (207) 576-5500 and we’ll be delighted to answer your questions!