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Building Modular: Benefits and Myths

November 5th, 2017

For quality, speed and high efficiency, it’s hard to beat the modern modular constructed home! Yet many folks who plan to build don’t include modular in the discussion. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths about modular home construction, but we’re convinced that for many of our customers, modular is the way to go!


Benefits of Modular Construction
Technology in modular construction has come a long way from the cookie-cutter homes of the 70s. We rely on Goscobec, a modular home company from Quebec, Canada, in part because their construction capabilities have been honed over 40 years of crafting fine modular homes. We spoke with Maxime Lemieux, Goscobec’s Director, about their modular home features.


One of the primary benefits of modular construction is that the home is constructed inside a climate controlled manufacturing facility. This ensures that each component is assembled in the optimal air temperature, low humidity and away from unpredictable weather. In many ways, modular can offer superior construction to similar on-site construction. “Our quality control team is on-site full time to ensure each module is built as it’s supposed to be,” Lemieux said.


Select an Existing Design or Custom— It’s Your Choice!
Our modular partners at Goscobec have nearly 100 different plans already available. Lemieux noted that many customers begin with an existing floor plan and customize from there. However, if you’ve got a special look or idea, their design team can work with you to finalize your perfect home. Goscobec also has worked within high energy efficiency standards required in the U.S. and offer their Eco-Logis efficiency program that is modelled after the US based LEED sustainable building standard. Pricing can also span a wide range to fit nearly any budget.


Goscobec modular homes are built with a standard R-27 wall and R-42 roof insulation, but can be customized to fit any desired level. The windows and doors are well sealed against air and moisture penetration. Lemieux noted that Goscobec’s unique design places much of the ventilation, electrical and plumbing in position in the floor systems for easier connection and access.


Fast Construction When Needed
Many homeowners put off deciding about building a home because of the length of time it takes to construct a new home. With modular, the turnaround time is very quick! From concept to completion, modular construction can be as short as 4-6 weeks.

The on-site work time is fast and efficient, as well. The modules or “boxes” arrive on flatbed truck. The modules can be as wide as 16 feet and as long as 70 feet, depending on the design. Using a large specialized crane, the modules are set into place using a licensed set crew. Goscobec modules come well sealed and ready to be connected on-site once they are properly positioned. Roof systems are designed to lay flat during transport, then are hinged up and fastened securely into place. Other roof systems may be pre-constructed as separate modules. The crane uses steel cabling at key structural points in each module to lift and position onto the homes foundation. The cables pass through built-in conduit within the wall that remain hidden from view after the home is finished.


One change from “old school” modular that makes a big difference in the finishing is that the interior sheet rock is connected, but not taped or mudded. This allows our interior crew to provide a superior wall finish. Once the building shell is in place and securely fastened together, the interior finishing can begin. Again, your budget and tastes determine the fixtures, finishes and flooring that completes your home.


Wondering if building modular is the right choice? Give us a call and we can help you decide on the best path forward for your beautiful new home.